Multimodal transport is the fastest and most efficient way to get your cargo to its destination. We offer multimodal transportation for the delivery of cargo by several modes of transportation, such as vessel, rail or road from one hand. Service include all necessary reloading works and other services in accordance with the Incoterms EXW-DAP.


Oversized Overweight Cargo transport requires a high level of knowledge, innovation and experience. We have professional knowlege in all relevant areas, from technical possibilities to local infrastructure conditions. With over 20 years of experience, we organize such unprecedented deliveries and transhipment works as: reactors weighing 1116 tons or platforms with dimensions of 42x25x17 m.


Our air freight services are designed to anticipate the needs of our customers, and our port-folio of services is built upon a deep understanding of this business. Whatever it is you are delivering to whatever destination, we can help with the planning, choice of carrier and route selection, be it door-to-door, door-to- airport or airport-to-door.


An optimal transport solution for a constuction project includes all steps from preliminary planning and budgeting of the project at the stage of equipment purchase, to the infrastructure construction and delivery of cargo to the installation site. we accompany our customers in all these steps and stand by their side, so that the work entrusted to us is carried out with a high degree of effectiveness and efficiency.


Delieveris with more that one pick up place and documentation from more that one country could be complicated. The challenge is transportation to destination in accordance with time line and construction schedule, timely review of all documents and coordination with everyone involved. We coordinate projects with 650,000 FT (over 48,000 units) of cargo and offer our knowledge also for your projects.


Development of logistics concept in the initial phase of your project. The selection of ports, routes, surveying of roads and obstacles is an important part of the project calculation and risk assessment. We would be happy to advise you in this project phase.



Mining dump trucks or stackers/ reclaimers are large and heavy machines. Their individual components with a width/diameter of up to 9 m make them difficult to transport, but we have been working with customers from this industry since 2009 and know the requirements to deliver the best result.


We realize multiple years delivery of WTG Park equipment, such as blades, towers, hubs, nacelles and generators with different requirement of oversized and overweight transportation by waterways and roads with istances over 3000 km in each direction.


Logistics organisation for delivery of equipment for large construction projects like building of ports, multimodal medical center, manufacturing plants, refineries or power plants with many different construction or technology equipment required qualificated staff in logistics, prozessing and controlling. We develop an individual solution for your needs.

We make your logistics cases as easy and safe as possible

You can find more information about our projects and work experience until 2019 on the Chandler Group archived video channel

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